Production sprint 2: Easter Special

These 2 weeks we were all celebrating easter or battling sickness, but of course we kept on working on our game.


The props have been textured, the fueling station area has been set up. A bit has changed, since the original idea was that the player would go around the fueling station if it didn't need the fueling, but we'll make the player go in front of it instead. Various particles have been added in the beginning area, as well as the fueling station, and in between the fueling and bridge area.

Textures are just basic colors with a certain roughness value, to make it a bit reflective and to give more of an idea of what kind of material it is.

The particles consist of sparks and red flashing lights, that give the player more of a chaotic feeling, that there really is an emergency.

Dynamite has been added to the bridge, The original idea of having two engines holding the bridge sounded fun but was not really practical, so instead of blowing those up, we're going to let the player blow up dynamite that has been left behind by people on the bridge.

The payload model has been updated as well. 


On the programming side of things not a lot has been done. Most of the work were put into bug fixing and starting on new systems. We've started working on the level branching, and we've extended the current payload path and added more enemies to make the temporary build a bit more representative.


Our game now has music! It's now mixed and mastered. You can listen to the track here.


9_4_2018.rar 102 MB
Apr 09, 2018

Get [Group1] W.A.S.P.S.

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