Production Week 3

This week we got a wide range of things done. We go too work on the EMP weapon for both the players and the enemies, which we tested with a very unsubtle explosion:

We also got some work done on making a new drone that actually has the color of the player as well, so two players will look different from each other. This proved quite difficult, as the getPlayerIndex from the playerController is quite wonky. 

We also worked some on the menus, specifically the main menu and pause menu. They are now both integrated and functional, but only the main menu is traversable with keyboard or gamepad. 

Furthermore the bridge has been completed, both the full one and the destroyed one:

We also did the valley and elevator locations. Finished most of the models that we need, including the payload, basic and ranged enemies, pickups and a lot of our modular environment elements. We wanted to finish decorating all of our major locations, but run into problems in unreal, so we are a bit behind on our planning.

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