Production Week 1

This week we started working on our production build. It was a rocky start: Many of our prototype elements were not yet done and three out of four team members fell ill somewhere in the week. Despite that we still managed to get the ball rolling on adding new things and improving the existing ones.

We found a better way to make the enemy system that didn't involve the triggerboxes that caused game-breaking bugs and implemented it in our production build. We added a dash feature, fixed the drone movement, and ported the drone to production as well. We also added the base for pick ups to be implemented, and added a bomb mechanic.

We made designs for the drones, the crashed spaceship for the start of the game, and the bridge and elevator next to the bridge. The drone has been modeled and unwrapped, same goes for the elevator.


W.A.S.P.S..rar 107 MB
Mar 05, 2018

Get [Group1] W.A.S.P.S.

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