Difficulties & Challenges

This week we uploaded the first build of our game. We ran into many a difficulty achieving this, which we will outline below:

On the development side of things, we had to completely learn Unreal Engine 4's Blueprints system. Coming from traditional programming this wasn't particularly easy, but we picked it up eventually. Things we struggled with specifically are inconsistensies between builds using the same nodes and figuring out loops combined with the AI MoveTo node. Another thing that was an issue was that when Unreal says that a character is a pawn that has the ability to walk around, they really mean the ability to MOVE around. 

Things we want to do for next week is mostly tweaking, implementing some new features, potentially doing some UI, and PLAYTESTING!!! Just so we can figure out what exactly makes this game fun.

Making the art documentation showed what things we missed and forgot to discuss. We need to decide of specific elements, amount of polygons we want to use for our meshes, and texture sizes. Discuss further how we would like our characters to look and make a simple example design. We still need to decide on what style we would like our special effects to be and whether or not to add foreground weather elements.

Four questions we asked ourselves are:

1.Q Why did we use that camera view?

1.A Because we felt this view provided a more interesting view than top view and provides a possibility of less linear gameplay than side view.

2.Q Why are we going for a low-poly artstyle?

2.A Because it is faster to create, more performant, and more easily modified than a more advanced art style,

3.Q Is the goal to destroy the payload or to protect it?

3.A We chose to protect the payload as having enemies come in from all side would make for more interesting gameplay.

4.Q Are we developing in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity?

4.A We chose to develop our game in UE4, because of our artists' familiarity with the material/particle systems and rapid implementations with BP.


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Feb 26, 2018

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