Production Week 2

This week we took a look at the user experience.

We have finished the designs for all enemies, the payload and all major locations in our game. Made a new level blockout and decorated the starting location with yet untextured models.

We finished planning everything we need to do on hack'n'plan and it turned out we have planned 146 hours for two production sprints, which was 26 hours too much. So to speed our production process up, we have decided to go with a bit more realistic style in our modelling and change the texturing style to just base colours. Change from handpainting to base colours saves us a lot of time, since we don't have to unwrap or texture our models. We want to make up loss of visual appeal from the textures with a few simple vfx an lighting that will be uniform through the entire level.

We worked on a couple of other things, such as implementing visual feedback when the payload or enemies take damage:

And the payload health and the out of bounds warning for the drones:

Furthermore we've implemented a score system. A lot of these new features are still kind of rough and don't work 100%, but we're working out the kinks this week.


W.A.S.P.S..rar 82 MB
Mar 13, 2018
ProdSprnt1Week1.rar 186 MB
Mar 13, 2018

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